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Largest Women-owned Businesses in the Philadelphia region

Ranked by Company’s 2016 revenue

List of nearly 100 Women-owned businesses in the Philadelphia region ranked by 2016 revenue.


Largest Contractors in the Philadelphia region

Ranked by Billings for local projects 2016

List of some of the biggest contractors in the Philadelphia area ranked by billings for local projects in 2016.


How culture plays a large role for three successful organizations

I recently had the honor of serving as the moderator of a panel discussion of three business leaders at a breakfast event hosted by the Philadelphia Business Journal. The discussion focused on the importance of organizational culture in building successful businesses.


Independence Visitor Center’s multi-year major renovation officially underway

Any updates to a visitor center is a boon for a city since those centers serve as a contact point between a visitor and the city.


Women-owned Businesses ranked by 2015 revenue

Ranked by Company’s 2015 revenue

The Philadelphia Business Journal ranked the 2016 Women-owned businesses in the Greater Philadelphia region by their 2015 revenue.



Ranked by Billings for local projects 2015

Philadelphia- area contractors ranked by billings for local projects in 2015.


Emily L. Bittenbender’s 2016 Paradigm Award Acceptance Speech


Wow, you know guys, I consider myself to be a very fortunate person. But hands down, the very best part of my life is the people in it. This room is filled today with the people that I love the most, the people that have defined me as a person and helped me choose my paths and played a large role in who I am.


Drexel Breaks Ground on Korman Center Expansion and Redesign of Surrounding Public Space

Drexel University broke ground on an expansion of the Korman Center, a 1958 building at the heart of Drexel’s campus that has served as a University landmark for decades. An $8 million gift from the Hyman Korman Family Foundation, paired with another $8 million from the University, will make the Korman makeover possible. The project will also create a classic campus green in the open space in front of and around the Korman Center, a popular student hangout known as the “Quad.”


Emily Bittenbender

Her namesake construction firm boasts its union model.

General Contractor Emily Bittenbender, 48, who describes herself as a high-end red neck, loves four-wheeling in the Pine Barrens. She also owns “two mean dogs,” made her ex-fiancee her business partner right after they broke up, and gets more than a little annoyed with how the media portray union construction workers.


Bittenbender failed sewing; Plan B worked out even better

Emily Bittenbender should be thanking her lucky stars that she couldn’t manage to sew, because otherwise, she might have joined the ranks of hundreds of other frustrated, would-be fashion designers with lots of great ideas, but no work. Instead, she runs a general contracting construction company, Bittenbender Construction LP, and her name is all over premium projects around the city. How did that happen? Like most stories, it was a combination of ability, luck and being in the right place at the right time.


3 Things I Learned About the Most Powerful Woman in Philly Construction

Is there anyone in the Philadelphia business world more badass than Emily Bittenbender?

In the male-dominated world of construction, she’s a rousing success. Bittenbender is not only the founder and managing partner of Bittenbender Construction, but she’s also the first woman to lead the 125-year-old General Building Contractors Association of Philadelphia.


Construction pioneer Emily Bittenbender wins 2016 Paradigm Award

A businesswoman who earned her place at the top of the male-dominated construction industry has won a prestigious award from the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.

Emily Bittenbender, the founder, president and CEO of Bittenbender Construction, won the 2016 Paradigm Award, given out annually since 1992 to women whose “professional and personal achievements serve as a model of excellence.”


Emily Bittenbender rises to top of blue-collar industry

Construction may be one of the most male-dominated industries there is. And Emily Bittenbender couldn’t be happier sitting at the top of that industry.

“I love working with blue-collar men,” said Bittenbender, the only woman to head a union-affiliated, commercial construction company in the Philadelphia region. “I love the fact that there are very few politics in our industry. Everyone’s just (like a) caveman, very direct: ‘Here’s the problem, get it done.’”


Meet Your Mentor: Emily Bittenbender

Emily Bittenbender’s career focus has been the design, construction and renovations of public buildings and spaces. Early on she was hired by the Rendell Administration to jumpstart the paralyzed system of completing over 300 backlogged capital construction projects within city government.

In 2003, she started Bittenbender Construction, LP, a commercial General Contractor and construction management firm specializing in the new construction and renovations of museums and historic sites, retail, higher education and corporate fit out projects (the only woman owned, union affiliated General Contractor in the local area).


Emily Bittenbender Talks Construction, Culture and Diversity on Starter’s

The newest edition of Starter’s Review brings us Emily Bittenbender, Founder and Managing Partner of Bittenbender Construction. She discusses her entrepreneurial journey and career as a trailblazing, woman executive in the male-dominated construction industry. Bittenbender’s professional career spans from EwingCole to the City of Philadelphia, where she managed all $3.2 billion of the city’s design and construction projects as the 29-year old capital program director. Since founding Bittenbender Construction, she has influenced major developments in Philadelphia including the National Constitution Center, Central Green at the Navy Yard and Love Park. Listen to Emily tell her story for Starter’s Review.


Bittenbender receives Paradigm Award as leading female exec

General Contractor Emily L. Bittenbender, 48, of Sweetwater, N.J., Thursday will receive the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce’s Paradigm Award, bestowed on a leading female business executive.

In 2003, after overseeing the construction of the National Constitution Center as its vice president of design and construction, she started Bittenbender Construction L.P., and in 2009, started a second company, Philadelphia Carpentry Systems, LP, a carpentry and exhibit installation business.


2016 Paradigm Award Honoring Emily Bittenbender

This year, we’re thrilled to celebrate the achievements of construction pioneer Emily Bittenbender at the 24th Annual Paradigm Award Luncheon. Join us as we continue to honor women who are making vital contributions to the region’s business community.